How important is an image for your business?

I just read an article from MDG Advertising today about how important a quality image is to your business, article, blog, social media, and more. They said, “People are wired to value images.” Here are a few more stats they found:

  • Adding a picture can improve recall to 65%

  • 2/3 of people say they’re visual learners

  • 68% of marketers say they plan to use images more in the future

  • 67% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product

These are just a few stats that show how using a “quality” image to represent your product or services can increase your visibility in the market place.

My goal as a professional photographer is to create images that attracts new clients to you. Quality is an investment that does pay dividends.

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Head too big, feet too small? - Smart Phone Camera Tip

So I came across these images of an AP News story about what a news anchor’s fashion line-up. Most likely it was taken with a smart phone camera, but I doubt her head is as big as it is. 

Before the advent of the dual-lens cameras on cell phones (one wide-angle, one telephoto - means zoomed in) and now Apple’s three lens set up (hubba-hubba!), most cell phone cameras have just a wide-angle lens. When you use that wide-angle lens up close, or tilted down or up, you will get lens distortions that can really warp a face and body. So, to avoid that while using a wide angle lens, back up some and lower your phone so its not pointing down toward your subject, but more on level with your chest pointing at your subject. Next, stretch the image of your screen to zoom in (not really zooming in, but I will share that another time) so your model fills more of the frame. Or, if you have a dual lens, use the telephoto lens (you will have to step back for this) and lower your camera phone a little and take your shot. Following these tips will prevent image distortion like on the images below.

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Booster Magazine for School Athletes

Just recently I was able to work with Western Christian Schools on photographing the cover of their first edition of their school’s Booster Club for their athletic program. After talking with their marketing director to hear their idea with the magazine, I presented the idea of a studio-styled portrait that was a little more gritty with some fashion styling, but with a serious look that they would normally be taking out onto the field or court.


Tips for Portraits

As K-12 schools have started up once again, one of the first order of things for students is getting their school portrait. You get their clothes ready and their hair combed and hope they smile.  

So what about professionals getting their headshots for their company, or their own business?  What you wear can speak volumes about you.  Prepare before you go in.  Where colors that work best for you (ask someone what they think if it adds life to you, or washes you out), make sure it is properly pressed or ironed (oh, and clean – you may think ‘Duh?!,’ but I have seen spots and frays that people miss), avoid big stripes and logos (it will detract the viewers eye from your face…which you want them to remember…same too applies to plunging neck lines), and make sure it’s properly fitted and not too baggy.   

If you are going to get a haircut, try to do it at least two weeks before your headshot.  That way if something goes awry you will have some time for it to grow a little to tame it down.  

However, the most important thing to do, which a lot of people don’t know about and forget to do: drink plenty of water.  Water hydrates your skin to look healthy and can reduce baggage under the eyes.  So, my suggestion would be to stop drinking any alcoholic drinks for two to three days before hand, and caffeinated drinks, too, and drink plenty of water so you look healthy for your portrait.  You may say, but what about my coffee?!  Try to limit that intake leading up and take in more water (yes I know that coffee has water in it…not the same thing). I know it’s a sacrifice, but your skin will look better.  Now you may be thinking ‘my attitude may not be better,’ but when you see your images your attitude will change for the best! 


Had a wonderful time with Maroun this month photographing his senior portrait.  I like that he was game to step out of the box and go after a 'high-style' for his portrait.  Oh, and a great shout out to his sister, Mary, for wanting to be my assistant for his shoot.  Mary, you did great!  Congratulations, Maroun!  

A new "Wing" to my website!

I am announcing a new wing to my website - Fine Art Aviation

I had the wonder and amazement of photographing these aircraft.  I hope you will enjoy the beauty of their forms.  If you are interested, these images are for sale.  Please email me for information.

Stay tuned!  More to come!

All images copyrighted by Dana Attebery 2016

What Should I Wear for a Portrait?

First, think about what kind of portrait it is.  Is it for a business headshot, family portrait, etc.?  Each one requires something different from casual, semi-causal, to full dress in suit and tie, or dress.  But, here are some basics to think about for your next portrait:

1)  Wear clothes that complement your hair and skin color.  You know what looks best on you, but if you don't know, get a trusted opinion from a friend or someone in a clothing store.  

2)  Stay away from stripes and logos.  Graphic items like those are distracting to the viewer of your image.  You want them to remember your face, not your loud clothes.  

3)  Don't be too revealing.  I say that because you want them to remember your face, and not other parts of your body.  This is very important for business portraits.

4)  Make sure your clothes are pressed and ready to go.  

5)  Don't put on more makeup than you normally do.  Try to keep it light and natural, wear what you wear on a daily basis, or if you like, put on what you would for a casual night out.

6)  If you are going to get your hair cut, do it at least one to two weeks prior to your portrait.  This will give your hair time to settle and look natural.

7)  Get good sleep the night before and drink plenty of water.  Why water?  Water will hydrate your skin and make it look healthy.  Also, it will reduce the inflammation around the eyes.  So, don't drink any alcohol or caffeinated beverage the day before, or the day of your portrait.






The Value of Light - Part 1

How do you see the light?  For those who can, it's more than just opening your eyes.  But, as a photographer, or someone learning photography, how do you see the value of light?  A lot of times clients will ask me when the best time to photograph outdoors using the sunlight.  The common response is in the early morning and late afternoon.  And the worst time is known to be between the hours of 10am and 2pm, due to the sun being right overhead and at it's brightest.  But is it?

I remember a TV meteorologist commenting to the anchor that weather is neither good nor bad, it's just weather.  It has different qualities, but we put values on it in terms of how it meets our needs at a given moment.  As with sunlight, it has different qualities as well from brightness and intensity, angle, color temperature, and so forth.  Each part of the day offers something different.

I remember one of my first photography classes started with the assignment of photographing a location at just before sunrise, then multiple times throughout the day, and then finishing just after sunset.  The project was meant to train one's eyes to see how light can transform a location's look.  The color of the sunlight will range from cold to warm, it's intensity can grow harsh and then soft, and the shadows it produces can be short and curt, to long and dramatic.  

( I took the photo above of my wife's sunglasses on the counter at In-N-Out while we were waiting for our order.  I just love how the light was streaming in at that time of day.  It was also coming through a screen that softened the light just a bit.  Soon, I will be taking about how to shape light.  Stay tuned!)

So, why do I say all this?  Well, light is at the core of why photography exist.  And light has a variety of values that one must train their eyes in order to properly see.  Always be observant to how light is interacting with everything around you.  How is it shaping the way you see people, places and things?  How is it affecting your emotions?  Take the time to look around and see how the sun's light can transform your environment throughout the day.