Photo Tips

How to capture it with one light

Here’s another photography tip for you all.  I was up in the mountains for a family reunion and wanted to do a shot of my nieces and nephews in front of the place where we all stayed.  I decided to do a night shot, but didn’t like what I was getting with a flash.  So, with camera mounted on a tripod, and with an exposure of 20 seconds, I used a flash light to paint with light.  Now I need to explain that I have a powerful flashlight.  Remember, the farther you are from your subject the more light power you will need.  Thankfully, everyone stayed really still for 20 seconds (thanks family!).  Get out there and experiment with light and see what you can do with it.  Have fun!



Photo Tips

When you don't have all your equipment with you... a reflector,  just go to Staples and buy a cardboard display board that is white on the inside!  ONLY $3.75 when you are in a bind.

This whole story came about when I was asked to do an impromptu family shoot in Dallas, Texas over a Christmas holiday.  Thinking I was just going away on vacation, I left most of my equipment at home…including my reflector.  Well, not wanting to buy a new reflector, I did the next best thing and bought a display board from Staples.  Just make sure it's white on the inside.  It's lightweight and easy to handle.  After I was done with the shoot, I gave the display board to my niece to use for an upcoming project.  Bahda-bing!  Bahda-boom!

Oh, and by the way, it was cold there!  Esther did a great job working the reflector for me while bundled up.

By the way, stay tuned to my blog for more photo tips to come!