Tips for Portraits

As K-12 schools have started up once again, one of the first order of things for students is getting their school portrait. You get their clothes ready and their hair combed and hope they smile.  

So what about professionals getting their headshots for their company, or their own business?  What you wear can speak volumes about you.  Prepare before you go in.  Where colors that work best for you (ask someone what they think if it adds life to you, or washes you out), make sure it is properly pressed or ironed (oh, and clean – you may think ‘Duh?!,’ but I have seen spots and frays that people miss), avoid big stripes and logos (it will detract the viewers eye from your face…which you want them to remember…same too applies to plunging neck lines), and make sure it’s properly fitted and not too baggy.   

If you are going to get a haircut, try to do it at least two weeks before your headshot.  That way if something goes awry you will have some time for it to grow a little to tame it down.  

However, the most important thing to do, which a lot of people don’t know about and forget to do: drink plenty of water.  Water hydrates your skin to look healthy and can reduce baggage under the eyes.  So, my suggestion would be to stop drinking any alcoholic drinks for two to three days before hand, and caffeinated drinks, too, and drink plenty of water so you look healthy for your portrait.  You may say, but what about my coffee?!  Try to limit that intake leading up and take in more water (yes I know that coffee has water in it…not the same thing). I know it’s a sacrifice, but your skin will look better.  Now you may be thinking ‘my attitude may not be better,’ but when you see your images your attitude will change for the best!